GLP Creation

Software Features:
• Hybrid Light Control Desk for Conventional and Moving Lights
• Very effective concept of Multifunctional Button Panels for fast and direct access to any function
• 2048 DMX Channels sent by DMX and ArtNet
• Up to 320 Fixtures with each up to 55 DMX Functions
• Desk operates fully 16bit for maximum precision
• Easy Show Setup
• Powerful Fixture Library Editor including virtual Dimmer and Shutter
• Easy fixture setup and patching
• Function based storage enabling later repatch or even replacement of fixtures by another type
• Fully selective programming concept including selective Presets,Chaser and Cues
• Powerful Chaser Options including Tracking, HTP/LTP, Looping and a lot of trigger options
• No limitation on the number or type (HTP/LTP) of simultaneously running
• Powerful and comprehensive effect generator which can operate on any function
• 10 pages with 10 Hardware Faderunits can be hooked up dynamically to almost any function
including chaser dimmer, group submaster, fixture submaster, master dimmer and effect
• Group Subselection (Even, Odd, First/Next, Last, ...)
• Highlight and Park Function
• Blind Function
• Numberblock for fast fixture selection and access to alternate functions
• Completely live programmable
• Backup to USB Memory Stick
• Master/Master Remote Control Network Mode
• Remotely controllable via DMX In and MIDI
• Built-in Touch Screen with 4 Encoder Wheels
• 4 LCD Displays
• 166 Buttons with Blue LED Backlight
• 10 Fader Units + Master Fader
• Midi, DMX and Sound Input
• 10/100mbit Network Connection
• 533Mhz industrial PC running on embedded GLP Linux
• Bootup in 13s
• No mechanical Parts inside (no Fan, no Harddisk)
• 2 dimmable Desk Lamp Connectors
• Auto-ranging mains input (90-250VAC) bonuses Mobile Sky Bet app.